Transition toward a durable societal, economical et environmental model

Context- chapter 3 objective

The concept of sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations. Therefore sustainable model must ensure a balance between economic, environmental, and social impacts.

Numerous studies thus underline the importance of taking into account the human being in the new challenges related to the industry of the future.  Cost reduction and system efficiency optimization are among the main objectives of most industrialists, often to the detriment of a relevant integration of the human in these systems. So new and crucial objectives are emerging, for which human expertise is relevant (improving system resilience, adapting to disturbances (physical, economic, societal, etc.), taking into account environmental and social constraints, etc. The objective of this chapter is to show how industrial cyber-physical systems (ICPS) have characteristics that contribute to solving these sustainable development challenges. Therefore, these 3 aspects applied to ICPS will be addressed consecutively, more particularly on the role and integration of humans in ICPS. 

The authors of this chapter are : Maroua Nouiri and Ali Siadat

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