Holonic Control Architectures

In the last 20 years, holonic control architectures (HCAs) have been widely studied and developed in the field of manufacturing production as a relevant solution for system control. Several scientific state of the arts have presented HCAs and highlighted their advantages and disadvantages. These have been particularly highlighted by the various industrial applications of the paradigm that are described in the literature, from early applications in the automotive industry and more recently to pharmaceuticals .

The objective of this chapter is to present a study of existing holonic architectures in order to identify the contributions of this type of control architecture for industrial cyber-physical systems. First, their historical characteristics are presented, and demonstrate an interesting performance in the Physical part of ICPS. This chapter then presents the evolutions of this concept that led to a relevant integration in the Cyber part of ICPS.

ARTI reference architecture

The authors of this chapter are : William Derigent Olivier Cardin Damien Trentesaux

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