Impact of industrial cyber-physical systems on transportation

This chapter deals with the impact of industrial cyber-physical systems (ICPSs) on the transportation systems such as rail, road, etc., and the way the performance of these transportation systems can be improved using ICPS. Transportation is an important application field of the concept of CPS. The impact of ICPSs on the transportation systems concerns mainly freights, passengers and logistics (eg., cyber logistics systems).

The scope of this chapter concerns the production of passenger transportation service, not the production of the transportation system itself (another chapter is devoted to this aspect). Regardless of the transportation mode, the sector is characterized by push-pull forces and complexity factors which drive the evolution of constructors’ products and condition their competitiveness as well as those of the fleet operators.

A general view of a ICPS for transportation service

The authors of this chapter are : John Mbuli and Damien Trentesaux

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